Ukiyoe works 4 Edo(Tokyo)scenery

"東都宮戸川之図" Miyato River

Miyato River is another name for Sumida River. This work depicts a person catching eels in a river. The depictions of nature, such as rivers and clouds, are very expressive, and the clouds in particular have a sense of volume and three-dimensionality created by layering them, giving them a sculpture-like feel. The cloud pattern can be said to be Kuniyoshi's unique creative expression. The blue gradation and colors are vivid, and the shining depiction is beautiful.


"東都名所 佃島" Tsukuda Island

View of Tsukuda Island from Eitai Bridge over the Sumida River. Using Western perspective, a sense of realism is created by depicting the ships passing between the piers in the foreground, and by connecting the ships in the middle and back with Tsukuda Island, which is drawn small on the horizon. There are buckets and half-eaten watermelons floating down the river, allowing you to fully enjoy the life of the Edo people.


"東都名所・両国の涼" Ryogoku

A work depicting the summer fireworks of Ryogoku. From this scenery, you can truly get a glimpse of the lives of the people of Edo. It vividly depicts the interactions between people on boats, people selling goods, and people who purify themselves in the river and enjoy fireworks. Please enjoy the daily life of Edo as seen from Kuniyoshi's perspective.