Set to be held
in Shanghai, China
10/26, 2018 (fri) – 2/17, 2019 (sun)

Tickets details will be
announced in the future

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Mobilize 8.35 million paying ticket holders!
For 2018, trace the roots of ‘KINGYO (Goldfish)’ at 3 venues!

The first-ever showing of a fantastic fusion of the
“World of sky” & “World of water” ART AQUARIUM in China,
the birthplace of “KINGYO (goldfish)”!

The first Chinese Shanghai performances of the
popular masterpieces “Oiran”, “Kirikorium”,
“Kutani Kingyo Exhibition”, and more!

October 26 [FRI], 2018 – February 17 [SUN], 2019





The theme of the venue Shanghai, China is “The fusion of the ‘World of sky’ with the ‘World of water’”.

The location for this first performance in China is in Shanghai’s Pudong District, in Lujiazui,
in the observatory on the top of ‘Shanghai World Financial Center’, which has 101 floors and is 492m high.
The observatory Sky Arena 94 is on the 94th floor and is 423m high.

With Shanghai’s beautiful panorama in the background, the “World of water”,
woven together by “ART AQUARIUM”, and “World of sky” are fused,
giving birth to a fantastical world never experienced before.

In the exhibition hall, 1,000 kingyo (goldfish) swim “Oiran” on display.
The gigantic goldfishbowl is 2.4m high and has a diameter of 2m, and symbolizes “ART AQUARIUM”,
which represents the red-light district of the Edo Period.

In addition, one of the pieces “Kirikorium” gives life to techniques of making Edo Kiriko cut glass,
a traditional craft passed down since the Edo Period.
There are other pieces as well, such as the Kutani ceramic “Kutani Kingyo Exhibition”,
which relies on traditional crafts representative of Kanazawa, Ishikawa.
For the first time ever, these works and others that incorporate techniques typical of
Japanese crafts are shown outside Japan.

Please enjoy aquatic art “SKY AQUARIUM” in the open sky, which is reminiscent of “SKY AQUARIUM”,
the starting point for “ART AQUARIUM”.

The information on the artworks will be released sequentially


Shanghai World Financial Center 10th Anniversary
锦鳞・溢彩 ~凌空金鱼艺术展~
Period October 26 (fri), 2018 – February 17 (sun), 2019 / Open throughout the period
Opening Hours 10:00 AM – 10:30 PM (last entrance 10:00 PM)

* Taking picture of the artworks is allowed, but please refrain from using flash, tripod, monopod, selfie-stck,
and taking video.
* Because of the display method of the artworks, the venue is dark inside.
Please note that a part of the exhibit is difficult to access by wheelchair, so you may be unable to see the pieces up close.
* Displayed artworks and fish might change without notice.
* At the time of congestion, there will be access control. Thank you for your understanding.

Venue Shanghai World Financial Center Observatory Sky Arena 94
(No.100, Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai China)
Entrance Fee
at the door
(Tax incld.)
General 120 yuan

* A guardian must accompany children of elementary school level and younger.

Produce Hidetomo KIMURA (Art Aquarium Artist)
Planning &
Produce &
Aquarium Creator’s Office


Tickets details will be announced in the future