We have concluded the exhibition
in Nihonbashi, Tokyo
7/6, 2018 (fri) – 9/24 (mon)

We have ended ticket sales


Thank you very much for attending


Mobilize 8.35 million paying ticket holders!
For 2018, trace the roots of ‘KINGYO (Goldfish)’ at 3 venues!

This summer’s concept for the Tokyo venue in Nihonbashi is

With many new works for viewing and admiring kingyo, or goldfish, with a new sensibility!

July 6 [FRI] – September 24 [MON]

We have concluded the exhibition in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

This summer’s theme at the Nihonbashi, Tokyo venue is “Edo: Coolness of KINGYO”.

In the Edo Period (1603-1868), kingyo (goldfish) at Nihonbashi became a firm part of popular culture.
People enjoyed viewing kingyo, which made the summer cooler. now revive this tradition.
The concept behind this venue is “THE TRUE JAPAN”.

Kingyo (goldfish) and varicolored carp belong to the Japanese sense of beauty.
We have taken 8,000 of these elegantly dancing, ornamental fish and arranged them into a Japanese work of art.

The pieces that will be shown include: nearly 3,000 kingyo dancing as they swim “ART AQUARIUM”,
the biggest work ever “Super Oiran”, and varicolored carp wildly dancing “Earth Aquarium Japonism”.
Additionally, in a new work for 2018 “Ceiling Kingyo”,
we revive Edo Period lore according to which wealthy merchants built a glass tank in the ceiling and enjoyed
kingyo gazing upward.

New works that have never been shown in this country will be displayed,
including a large-scale piece that takes panel screens as its motif (“Taisei Hokan Kingyo Large Byobu”).
Enjoy the extraordinary “Coolness” world of the Edo Period in which people conglomerated in these districts.


ART AQUARIUM 2018 [Nihonbashi, Tokyo PV]


Ceiling Kingyo NEW

A new work that spanned over a five-year planning period, the legend of the wealthy Edo period (1603-1868) merchant who enjoyed looking up and watching kingyo (goldfish) has been brought to life in the present, made as a glass water tank built into the ceiling.
This artwork is one that gives a new sensation that allows you to see the beauty of kingyo from multiple angles thanks to mirror-like effects.

Floatingrium NEW

The highest grade breed of nishikigoi (colored carp) brought in from Yamakoshi-mura in Nagaoka-shi, Niigata, quietly and elegantly swim inside a cylindrical water basin.
The cylindrical work, which is 1.5 meter in diameter and is entirely filled with water, cuts out everything between the nishikigoi and the surrounding water.
You can enjoy a fascinating view of the nishikigoi appearing as though they were floating in the air.

Taisei Hokan Kingyo Large Byobu (Folding Screen)NEW

The Taisei Hokan had a lot of influence in Japanese history and welcomed a big turning point in the history of art in the world as well.
At the Taisei Hōkan Kingyo Large Byobu, a moving byōbu painting is projected onto a byobu-shaped aquarium via projection mapping that expresses the transitions in Japan’s art history.
Within that, kingyo (goldfish) swim elegantly.
The images were created using the theme of three time periods: the time of the Taisei Hōkan and the times before and after.
The “Byoburium” is a large-size work of art of eighteen panels extending over 5.4 meters in length that allows you to understand the influence the Taisei Hōkan has had on Japanese art.

Shoeibitenmei NEW

A Japanese sword born from a collaboration between Nara’s designated intangible cultural asset Sadatoshi Gassan and ART AQUARIUM artist Hidetomo KIMURA that inherits 800 years of tradition in the present day.
The sword is engraved with kingyo (goldfish) on the blade using Gassan engraving, which is also its distinctive characteristic.
Even in Japan’s long history, there are no other Japanese swords recognized for having kingyo engravings.
Japanese swords are a part of Japan’s cultural heritage that Japan boasts about to the world.
Currently, swords that come with a registration card are recognized as works of art by law.
This work of art was specially created based on this year’s concept of “TRUE JAPAN”.

Tokokage Kingyo Ornament

A hanging scroll ART AQUARIUM created by the fusion of the movement of live kingyo and video.
The work is a newly created video that goes with the Gassan-made Japanese sword Shōeibitenmei displayed in front of it.
The ornately decorated silver art was done in collaboration with Italy's oldest jewelry brand, Cuusi.

Earth Aquarium Japonism

Imaging the Earth, the aquarium has a diameter of 1.5m.
Inside the sphere, colored carps swim around. Having the highest unit of mass amongst all the pieces in the Art Aquarium, and with a mechanism of the sphere rotating, it gives us a powerful impression.


It is sphere shaped artwork with the motif “temari”, which is one of the traditional Japanese toys.
The pretty colorful patterns which is characteristic of temari is expressed by traditional braiding craft “iga-kumihimo” and kingyo swimming inside.
It is perfect fusion of traditional craftwork and aquarium.


Artwork usind Edo-kiriko which is the traditional craftwork from Edo period.
Making use of the characteristic of Edo-kiriko cut glass technology, kingyos look mysterious and beautiful when looking from above and the side.
Beneath part is made by acrylic, the modern craftwork, imitating the Edo-kiriko.
The ancient and modern craftwork technology Japan is proud of have collaborated to bring out elegant beauty to the artwork.

Prisrium F.12

The aquariums, which are polyhedrons with see-through sides and a prism effect, come in two kinds: a dodedahedron and an octadecagon.
You can enjoy unique ways of viewing them depending on the magic of light.
The group of fish swimming inside will look bigger, smaller, and at times look warped.

Prisrium F.18

The aquariums, which are polyhedrons with see-through sides and a prism effect, come in two kinds: a dodedahedron and an octadecagon.
You can enjoy unique ways of viewing them depending on the magic of light.
The group of fish swimming inside will look bigger, smaller, and at times look warped.

Super Oiran

“Oiran” which is the first artwork and also has been the leading artwork at ART AQUARIUM for the past 10 years, mesmerizing 6 million people has been reborn to spectacle artwork.
It is world’s biggest kingyo bowl and having “super” in its name, it is a very special artwork. In “Super Oiran”, about 3,000 kingyos will be swimming inside compared to 1,000 in “Oiran”.
With lighting in seven colors and projection effect, it will become the greatest Oiran just suitable for the ART AQUARIUM 10th anniversary.

Aqua Gate

A mysterious work of art made of a stacked pile of triangular prism aquariums that have mirror-like surfaces and a changing number of fish depending on the viewing angle.
The “Aqua Gate” is a pair of works that are displayed on both sides of the venue and serves the purpose of a gate.

A Show of Kutani Kingyo

An art aquarium crafted through the traditional Japanese art of Kutani porcelain.
Adorned with goldfish designs applied using the three foundational Kutani techiniques: Kutani blue, akae red, and hanatsume pink.
With this luxury piece, you'll be able to take goldfish that seem real enough to appear in a real exhibition from the top, while the sides will allow you to enjoy a brilliantly colorful world of goldfish adorning the Kutani porcelain.

Kingyo Collection

Kingyo is “live art” created by human hands.
The kingyo are displayed divided by its breed. None of the kingyo are the same by its color, pattern and the shape.
You are able to see the rare breed you cannot usually see.
Also, please enjoy the display technique bringing out the bewithching charm of kingyo.

Kaleidorium 3D

Kingyo gracefully swims in this 6 cylinder aquarium tank.
On the side, triangle lens is embedded and when you look through the lens, geometric pattern appears.
It is kaleidoscope drawn by kingyo.
When kingyo swims in the aquarium lighted up in colorful illumination, each kingyo’s original pattern and the movement of the back fin look as though shining kaleidoscope view, spreading out the world of the eternal beauty.

* An exhibition work, the exhibition fish seed have a case to change without a notice.


We have concluded the exhibition in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

ナイトアクアリウム イメージ


Another side of ART AQUARIUM, NIGHT AQUARIUM starts every evening at 7:00 PM.
The daytime exhibition undergoes a complete transformation, as the lighting and sound direction change over to night mode.

Inside the venue, you can take your time and enjoy the displays at your leisure, with a Dassai (the sake presented by Prime Minister Abe to President Obama on the occasion of his visit to Japan) or our original kingyo cocktail in hand.
At NIGHT AQUARIUM, you can also enjoy the traditional arts of Japan, as well as special performances of a sort that cannot be seen on a regular basis.
Top DJs and artists from Japan and beyond participate on weekends, as the venue transforms into a cutting-edge club lounge.

ART AQUARIUM has birthed a kind of “ecological art” that is the only example of its kind, not only in Japan, but in the world. It has been supported by 8.35 million people.
No matter your nationality, gender, or age, we invite you to experience a creative space that brings together in perfect harmony the traditional culture of Japan and the latest in music, when the ART AQUARIUM space turns into an entertainment space in the form of NIGHT AQUARIUM.

This year again, live performances by the hottest DJ’s and jazz bands
Kyoto Dance by young geisha of Gion,
popular theater performance of a courtesan show, and so on

Many special stages that usually can’t be seen are planned



* Regarding performers for dates apart from FEATURE DJ, the standard admission fee applies.



  07  July
  08  August
  09  September


獺祭ナイト イメージ

Every Thursday, how about spending relaxing refined night with the beautiful kingyo and prestige Japanese sake “Dassai”
which is popular at Tokyo Nihonbashi’s “ART AQUARIUM” ?

Dassai from Yamaguchi prefecture is Japanese sake which is very famous among Japanese sake lovers.
One of their sake,“Dassai 23”, with its rice milling of 23%
which is the highest milling of all commercial sake has been received very well around the world.
It has gorgeous aroma of melons and peaches, and elegant long finish.

At the Dassai bar in the venue, you can enjoy Dassai such as “Dassai Sparkling”.
For more details about Dassai, please check their official website of Facebook page.


ラウンジスタイル イメージ

Sundays to Thursdays (excluding days before national holidays) during this period, we create a sophisticated, comfortable,
lounge-style space where you can enjoy a drink while viewing art at a relaxed pace,
with an original ART AQUARIUM soundtrack in the background.

We offer drinks including NIGHT ARUARIUM’s exclusive kingyo cocktail, as well as DASSAI sake, mojitos. and beer.

* The venue and displayed artworks are the same as daytime.
* Same admission fee as daytime, no change of the entrance fee and no exchange of visitors inside.
* Bringing in your own food and drink is prohibited. Ordering drinks is an option. (additional price, there is sale of alcohol.)
* Performers might change without prior notice due to some cause. We are not able to refund you for the ticket.
Thank you for your understandings.


We have concluded the exhibition in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

ECO EDO Nihonbashi
ART AQUARIUM 2018 ~Edo, Coolness of Kingyo~ & Night Aquarium
Period July 6, 2018 (fri) – September 24 (mon) / Open throughout the period
Opening Hours Sun – Fri / 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM (Last entrance 10:00 PM)
Saturdays & days prior to a public holiday / 11:00 AM – 11:30 PM (Last entrance 11:00 PM)

Art Aquarium 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM   Night Aquarium is from 7:00 PM

* Taking picture of the artworks is allowed, but please refrain from using flash, tripod, monopod, selfie-stick,
and taking video.
* Because of the display method of the artworks, the venue is dark inside.
Please note that a part of the exhibit is difficult to access by wheelchair, so you may be unable to see the pieces up close.
* After 7:00 PM, you can enjoy drink inside the venue at additional cost.
If you are in the venue at 7:00 PM, you can also enjoy the following exhibition of NIGHT AQUARIUM.
* When changing to NIGHT AQUARIUM at 7:00 PM, there are no change of the entrance fee and no exchange of visitors inside.
* We will be putting on DJ sets after 9:00 PM on Saturdays and days prior to a public holiday at the NIGHT AQUARIUM.
* After 10:00 PM, under 20 years old are not allowed.
* At the time of congestion, there will be access control. Thank you for your understanding.

Venue Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall
(5F, COREDO Muromachi 1 [The entrance is on 4F], 2-2-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuou-ku, Tokyo)
Entrance Fee
at the door
(Tax incld.)
Adult: 1,000yen (13 years old and older)
Child: 600yen (12 years old and younger, 4 years old and older)
Under the age of 3: free of charge
* Child, 12 years old and younger, needs to be accompanied by a guardian.
Produce Hidetomo KIMURA (Art Aquarium Artist)
Planning &
Produce &
Aquarium Creator’s Office


We have concluded the exhibition in Nihonbashi, Tokyo


“ECO EDO Nihonbashi 2018” has ended
Thank you very much for coming all of you