We have concluded the exhibition
in Nihonbashi, Tokyo
7/7, 2017 (fri) – 9/24 (sun)

We have ended ticket sales


Thank you very much for attending

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We have concluded the exhibition in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

The theme for the Nihonbashi venue is Old Edo: The Refreshing Cool of Goldfish.
Goldfish were a deep-rooted part of commoner culture in Nihonbashi during the Edo period,
and the culture of watching goldfish swim as a means of “feeling cool” is alive and well in the present.
The venue is styled after the “Palace of the Dragon King.”

“Tamaterium”, a new work inspired by the story of the Urashima Taro treasure chest,
will appear for the first time, creating an aquatic Japanese world with an enchanting feel out of the everyday.

Noted figures appearing at the Nihonbashi venue will be joined by an aquatic world of 8,000 fish, among them goldfish,
creating a Palace of the Dragon King experience as only ART AQUARIUM can.


Venue Concept ‘Palace of the Dragon King’N E W


Dragon Palace Four Seasons Hanging ScrollN E W

Longfin goldfish that call to mind Lady Otohime flit and dance though the waters of this vertical aquarium, projected with the image of a Dragon Palace, while in the ocean waters of the aquarium's foreground, a coral reef unfolds.
The images on the upper part of this aquarium, projected with the world of the Dragon Palace, reflect the passage of time in the real world.

TamateriumN E W

An art aquarium in the theme of the Tamatebako from the fable of Urashima Taro.
A luxury piece featuring a Tamatebako crafted from thick acrylic and adorned with Kanazawa gilt.
All of it applied using 24 karat gold, usually not used in such gilt.
Water has been sealed inside using special construction, providing a wonderful portrayal of the boundary between our world and the world beneath the waves when the piece is viewed from above.

Tokogake Goldfish OrnamentN E W

A hanging scroll art aquarium that melds the movements and likenesses of living goldfish.
In this piece, imbued with the wabi-sabi aesthetic, a black goldfish swims across a sumi-e painting built on key tones of black and white. Enhanced with audio effects.

Kutani Goldfish ExhibitionN E W

An art aquarium crafted through the traditional Japanese art of Kutani porcelain.
Adorned with goldfish designs applied using the three foundational Kutani techiniques: Kutani blue, akae red, and hanatsume pink.
With this luxury piece, you'll be able to take goldfish that seem real enough to appear in a real exhibition from the top, while the sides will allow you to enjoy a brilliantly colorful world of goldfish adorning the Kutani porcelain.


Artwork usind Edo-kiriko which is the traditional craftwork from Edo period.
Making use of the characteristic of Edo-kiriko cut glass technology, kingyos look mysterious and beautiful when looking from above and the side.
Beneath part is made by acrylic, the modern craftwork, imitating the Edo-kiriko.
The ancient and modern craftwork technology Japan is proud of have collaborated to bring out elegant beauty to the artwork.

Kingyo (produced by VENINI)

The work is made at Venini, the highest Venetian glass art manufacturer.
Symbolically expressing the fin tail of kingyo (Tosanishiki) swinging in the water, the shape reminds you of kingyo.
In Asia, Kimura is the second artist to work with Venini, following the architect, Mr. Tadao Ando.

* There will be many other artworks displayed.


Promotional Film from ART AQUARIUM 2017 Press Preview, May 24th
On May 24th, a press preview event offering an overview of ART AQUARIUM 2017 was held
at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.
We are now streaming the promotional film that was shown at the venue that day!


We have concluded the exhibition in Nihonbashi, Tokyo



Another side of ART AQUARIUM, NIGHT AQUARIUM starts every evening at 7:00 PM.
The daytime exhibition undergoes a complete transformation, as the lighting and sound direction change over to night mode.

Inside the venue, you can take your time and enjoy the displays at your leisure, with a Dassai (the sake presented by Prime Minister Abe to President Obama on the occasion of his visit to Japan) or our original kingyo cocktail in hand.
At NIGHT AQUARIUM, you can also enjoy the traditional arts of Japan, as well as special performances of a sort that cannot be seen on a regular basis.
Top DJs and artists from Japan and beyond participate on weekends, as the venue transforms into a cutting-edge club lounge.

ART AQUARIUM has birthed a kind of “ecological art” that is the only example of its kind, not only in Japan, but in the world. It has been supported by 7.3 million people.
No matter your nationality, gender, or age, we invite you to experience a creative space that brings together in perfect harmony the traditional culture of Japan and the latest in music, when the ART AQUARIUM space turns into an entertainment space in the form of NIGHT AQUARIUM.

In the summer of 2017,
NIGHT AQUARIUM becomes the Palace of the Dragon King Festival!
Top performing artists and the traditional arts of Japan
will bring intense color to the Nihonbashi nights!

Live shows by noted DJs from Japan and around the world
Gion-style geisha and maiko performances of traditional Kyoto dance, popular oiran shows, and more

Lots of seldom-seen events are also planned for the “Stage of Suigi” !
Take the shoes of Urashima Taro or Oto-hime and enter the Palace of the Dragon King !




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* The program for the dates not listed is LOUNGE STYLE. We also plan to add more events at a later date.
* The program for the dates not listed is LOUNGE STYLE. We also plan to add more events at a later date.
* For event details and performer profiles, please click on the event title.


獺祭ナイト イメージ

Every Thursday, how about spending relaxing refined night with the beautiful kingyo and prestige Japanese sake “Dassai”
which is popular at Tokyo Nihonbashi’s ART AQUARIUM ?

Dassai from Yamaguchi prefecture is Japanese sake which is very famous among Japanese sake lovers.
One of their sake,“Dassai 23”, with its rice milling of 23%
which is the highest milling of all commercial sake has been received very well around the world.
It has gorgeous aroma of melons and peaches, and elegant long finish.

At the Dassai bar in the venue, you can enjoy Dassai such as “Dassai Sparkling”.
For more details about Dassai, please check their official website of Facebook page.

DASSAI NIGHT will also be held on the Special Event dates of September 7th (thu) and 14th (thu).
Rotating admission will be in effect on these dates.
For general admission, last entry will be at 8:30 PM, and the event will end at 9:00 PM.


ラウンジスタイル イメージ

Sundays to Thursdays (excluding days before national holidays) during this period, we create a sophisticated, comfortable,
lounge-style space where you can enjoy a drink while viewing art at a relaxed pace,
with an original ART AQUARIUM soundtrack in the background.

We offer drinks including NIGHT ARUARIUM’s exclusive kingyo cocktail, as well as DASSAI sake, mojitos. and beer.

* The venue and displayed artworks are the same as daytime.
* Same admission fee as daytime, no change of the entrance fee and no exchange of visitors inside.
* Bringing in your own food and drink is prohibited. Ordering drinks is an option. (additional price, there is sale of alcohol.)


We have concluded the exhibition in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

ECO EDO Nihonbashi
ART AQUARIUM 2017 ~Edo, Coolness of Kingyo~ & Night Aquarium

Period July 7, 2017 (fri) – September 24 (sun) / Open throughout the period
Entrance Fee
at the door
(Tax incld.)
General: 1,000yen (13 years old and older)
Child: 600yen (12 years old and younger, 4 years old and older)
Under the age of 3: free of charge
* Child, 12 years old and younger, needs to be accompanied by a guardian.
Planning &
Produce &


We ended ticket sales as of 9/24 (sun), since the exhibit is over

ECOEDO日本橋2017 Special site