We have concluded the exhibition in Kumamoto
11/2, 2019 (sat) – 1/13, 2020 (mon)

We are extremely grateful for the large numbers of visitors during the event!


We have ended ticket sales


hits 100,000 visitors!
Finally, the total of paying ticket holders
reached 10 million!
(As of December 22, 2019)

“ART AQUARIUM” is coming to
Kumamoto for the first time!

The theme of this winter’s Kumamoto exhibition is “Revival”

Boasting the largest area for an indoor exhibit in our history
with works that have never before been exhibited in Kyushu!

November 2 [SAT] – January 13, 2020 [MON]
We have concluded the exhibition in Kumamoto


“Revival” is the theme for the first “ART AQUARIUM” exhibition in Kumamoto.

The exhibition will be held at a scale never seen before in the ‘Kumamoto-Jo Hall’,
which boasts the largest area for an indoor exhibit in our history.


“Kingyo Approach”


“Oiran Shrine”

This is the second exhibition to be named “ART AQUARIUM CASTLE”
since the “ART AQUARIUM CASTLE ~Kyoto, the Dance of Kingyo~”
held at Kyoto's ‘Nijo-jo Castle’ in 2014, 2015 and 2017, and the first with that name to be held indoors.

The exhibition will include works that have never before been exhibited in Kyushu, including “Ceiling Kingyo”.
“Ceiling Kingyo” revives an Edo period (1603-1868) legend of a wealthy merchant
who built a glass tank into his ceiling to watch the goldfish from below.
The work took five years to design.
We hope to bring you a new vision of “ART AQUARIUM” unlike anything you have experienced before.


Ceiling Kingyo West Japan 1st appearance

A new work that spanned over a five-year planning period, the legend of the wealthy Edo period (1603-1868) merchant who enjoyed looking up and watching Kingyo (goldfish) has been brought to life in the present, made as a glass water tank built into the ceiling.
This artwork is one that gives a new sensation that allows you to see the beauty of kingyo from multiple angles thanks to mirror-like effects.

Super Oiran

This spectacular work of art was created to serve as the centerpiece at ART AQUARIUM’s 10th anniversary exhibition in 2016.
Conceived as ART AQUARIUM’s debut work, the original “Oiran” has served as our star attraction for a decade, captivating 6 million people in the process. Now, this masterpiece has been reborn in a new form, on a scale that defies the imagination.
With the beauty of a realm overseen by a deity destined before birth to become legendary, together with a great degree of astonishment, this extraordinary work of art, which we are certain is the world’s largest Kingyo (goldfish) bowl, is worthy of the prefix ‘Super’ before its name.
Bigger and more spectacular than ever before, the new “Super Oiran” provides enough space for 3,000 Kingyo to dance through the water, far surpassing “Oiran”s population of 1,000 up until now.
With a brilliant seven-color light arrangement and visual effects that bring its connection to the sublime into full focus, this work is sure to inspire. This is ‘Oiran’ in its supreme form.

Flower Flower Aquarium

It is extremity of new gorgeous aquarium.
It is collaboration of flower vase and aquarium tank, aquarium display in the tank and flower arrangement sticking out from the tank.
The title of the artwork represents the synergy of elegant flower and kingyo.

The Four Seasons Aquarium

In this large-scale work, colored carp swim inside an eight meter wide, two meter high video display.
Made possible by the use of projection mapping technology, the video depicts the beautiful passage of the seasons in Japan.
The colored carp appear as if they were actually swimming through these three-dimensional scenes.
The ultimate in ‘Cool Japan Art’, this work is a showcase of the country’s seasonal beauty and the fascinating world of colored carp, both of which are sources of national pride.

Reflectrium F.5 & F.8

This area features two works: a five-sided aquarium and an eight-sided aquarium, both of which are lined with a variety of lenses that provide different perspectives on the world within, including concave, convex, and dual-layered lenses.
Seen through these lenses, the Kingyo (goldfish) that swim in the aquariums will appear larger, smaller, doubled, and even distorted.
Peering into this illusory world is a mysterious experience.
The forward-thinking beauty of the aquariums shapes is also sure to make an impression.


This work consists of Kingyo (goldfish) bowls made using ‘Edo Kiriko’ on top of acrylic aquariums etched in the style of ‘Edo Kiriko’, and can be described as a fusion of old and new art.
Under the vivid lighting, the mysterious appearance created by the different etching of the kiriko glass emits colors unique to the glass, creating a work that is impressive and breathtakingly beautiful.

A show of Kutani Kingyo

These are ART AQUARIUMs made from the Japanese traditional pottery craft of “Kutani-yaki”.
They are painted with a Kingyo (gold fish) patterns using the three basic techniques of Kutanaki – blue ‘aokutani’, red ‘aka-e’, and pink ‘hanazume’ – and have the equivalent kingyo swimming in them.
The kingyo are viewed from above, the correct format for a show competition, and these luxurious works allow you to enjoy the ornate world of “Kutani-yaki” painted with kingyo.


This work features aquariums that have taken on the appearance of lit-up paper lanterns, or ‘Bonbori’.
Within each aquarium swims a single fish, which plays the visual role of the lantern's kindling.
Together, they convey an intriguing sense of ephemerality reminiscent of classic shadow puppetry.
‘Bonbori’ lanterns have been a familiar sight in Japan since the Edo period (1603–1868). This work highlights their endearing qualities, while treating viewers to the interplay between the fleetingly illuminated Kingyo (goldfish) and the slowly transforming light.

New Edo Kingyo Display

One of the ways people experienced the joys of goldfish in the Edo period (1603–1868) was by building fish tanks with three-dimensional wooden frames, which allowed them to view the goldfish from the side.
This work brings that practice into the modern era. The fish tank, modeled on classic fish tanks, features an updated polyhedral shape that creates a prismatic effect.
Imbued with a spirit that has existed for ages, this work also brings a near-future-like feel to the performance.

A Show of Kingyo

Kingyo (goldfish) swim gracefully and serenely in cylindrical flower basins with low sides.
This work of art allows viewers to watch and assess the magnificence of the Kingyo from above the smooth surface of the water.
It also offers the opportunity to see the adorable expressions of the Kingyo like never before, as they bring their faces up to the surface while water spills over the side of the aquarium.
Providing the chance to view rarely seen Kingyo in large numbers from above and from the side, this work has a multifaceted appeal.

Kingyo Box with Gold leaf for Prayer New Work

This gorgeous work features a stately aquarium made from acrylic that has been decorated with gold leaf, a traditional handicraft of Kanazawa. The gold leaf used here is 24-karat gold leaf, which is not typically used for gilding.
Kingyo (goldfish) have long been viewed as symbols of prosperity, and as good luck charms.
Visitors can make an offering here, along with a wish for good fortune in life. All offerings will be donated to the Kumamoto Castle restoration effort.


ART AQUARIUM’s best-known creation, “Oiran” houses some 1,000 Kingyo (goldfish).
At a height of 2.4 meters and a maximum diameter of 2 meters, its massive Kingyo bowl is a representation of an ‘Oiran’, the symbol of the red-light and geisha districts of Edo (the former name of Tokyo).
The Kingyo that dance strikingly represent the ‘Oiran’ and the women who hope to become one, while the Kingyo tank symbolizes a world that plays host to a life not possible anywhere else.
The lighting illuminates the Kingyo tank in seven changing colors, creating a vision of the glamour of Edo’s geisha districts.


Traditional Japanese lanterns served as the inspiration for the large congeries of aquarium lighting.
The lace graphics installed on all sides of the Andonrium were not merely attached, but debossed into the layers of acrylic.
The goldfish swimming within created complex shadows and forms, making for a mesmerizing and fleeting dream world.


In the Edo period (1603–1868), things that glittered, such as glass and diamonds, were known as ‘Giyaman’ (from the Dutch diamant, meaning diamond).
When viewed from the side, this work’s polyhedron made from transparent curves creates a prismatic effect, transporting viewers to a magical world where the Kingyo (goldfish) are one with their surroundings.
The “Giyamanrium” featured in Kumamoto is inhabited by Jumbo Holland Kingyo, an exceptionally large breed from the Kumamoto Prefecture town of Nagasu.


This work features an aquarium with a unique construction that makes it impossible to see the contents from a perpendicular view from any side.
The aquarium itself is an ambitious piece that turns the usual practice of viewing the aquatic straight through glass on its head.
The mirror effect of the water’s surface is put to use. When viewing this work from afar, and when viewing it up close, you will be amazed by the unpredictable results, while enjoying the many countenances of the Kingyo (goldfish) as they swim through the water.

Prisrium F.12

The prism effect created by this transparent polyhedral aquarium can make the schools of fish swimming within look bigger, smaller, and sometimes even warped.
Images created with the use of special projection mapping techniques combine with music to produce a magical aquatic world.
We hope you will enjoy the changing colors, and in particular the seven transformations of the patterns on the Kingyo (goldfish).
Ten years after its conception, the available technology and other conditions aligned to make this work possible. It has now finally arrived in Kumamoto, where the effect it creates has taken another step in its evolution.


It is sphere shaped artwork with the motif “temari”, which is one of the traditional Japanese toys.
The pretty colorful patterns which is characteristic of temari is expressed by traditional braiding craft “iga-kumihimo” and kingyo swimming inside.
It is perfect fusion of traditional craftwork and aquarium.

Byouburium Ⅱ [Collaboration with Mr. Tsurutaro Kataoka]

This new version of the “Byouburium” blends the real with the virtual, as the spectacle of swimming Kingyo (goldfish) meets the latest in video technology.
A projection mapping display, representing the time-honored Japanese theme of natural beauty over the course of twelve months’ worth of seasons, is superimposed on an aquarium with twelve folding screen surfaces. Through the animated projection on the folding screens swim real Kingyo.
The Kumamoto exhibition features a special new version of this work, created in collaboration with the artist Mr. Tsurutaro Kataoka.
The Kingyo depicted in Mr. Tsurutaro’s folding screen art will begin to swim as if they have truly been brought to life.


This work has been produced in collaboration with Italy’s ‘VENINI’, a company synonymous with Venetian art glass.
“KINGYO” is a glass Kingyo (goldfish) bowl that symbolically represents the swaying tail fin of a Kingyo (specifically a Tosakin, or curly fantail Kingyo). Even the appearance of the glass evokes the image of Kingyo.
This is only the second time that ‘VENINI’ has collaborated with an Asian artist. The first was with the architect Mr. Tadao Ando.

* An exhibition work, the exhibition fish seed have a case to change without a notice.

About the “ART AQUARIUM CASTLE” in 2019

Although we had agreed with the mayor of Kumamoto to hold the exhibition at Kumamoto Castle,
the Kumamoto earthquake occurred immediately thereafter and we were not able to realize that plan.
Even as the wounds of that earthquake have yet to fully heal,
we want to do something to help with the rebuilding,
and so we are honored to be entrusted with a major part in the opening of ‘Kumamoto-Jo Hall’.

‘Kumamoto-Jo Hall’ will host the largest indoor exhibition area ever seen, “ART AQUARIUM”.
While taking that into consideration, and despite being an indoor exhibition,
we will take the name “ART AQUARIUM CASTLE” to express our best wishes for the rebuilding of Kumamoto.
We will put on an event which lives up to that name, so please take this opportunity to come visit Kumamoto.




ART AQUARIUM 2019 [‘Interview with Hidetomo KIMURA’ CM]

ART AQUARIUM 2019 [‘First Time ever in Kumamoto’ CM]


“ART AQUARIUM CASTLE” Special Performance
Rantaro KOJYO ‘Oiran Dance’

Finished on December 8th (sun)
Thank you very much for your visitors

December 6 (fri), 7 (sat), 8 (sun)
What has become a regular event at Nihonbashi in Tokyo,
Rantaro KOJYO of ‘Gekidan KOJYO’, will now also be held in Kumamoto!


Oiran Dance

‘Oiran Dōchū’, a popular work by ‘Gekidan KOJYO’, to which Rantaro KOJYO belongs,
will be performed in a “Special Version by ART AQUARIUM CASTLE”
With the sense of beauty and power of the person himself,
the essence of this ‘dance’ is displayed in an abundantly human and dynamic way.
By all means, enjoy this opportunity to see the glamorous and elegant ‘Oiran Dance’.

Performance date  | December 6 (fri), 7 (sat), 8 (sun)
 Each day 1:00 PM, 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM, 4:00 PM
 (4 performances in total)
Performance place | Special stage in the venue “Byouburium Ⅱ”

* This is not the same as the performance of “NIGHT AQUARIUM” (after 5:00 PM).
* Please come understanding that though this can be viewed with the usual entrance fee, it is expected to be crowded.

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〈超・花魁〉エリア “Super Oiran” area
金魚カクテル ‘CALICO’ ‘LEMON WAKIN’, Kingyo cocktail ‘RYUKIN’

At the ‘KINGYO BAR’ in the “Super Oiran” area,
visitors can enjoy a moment of relaxation with beverages such as ART AQUARIUM’s Exclusive Kingyo cocktail;
the tapioca, strawberry, and yogurt ‘CALICO’; and the hot honey lemonade ‘LEMON WAKIN’,
as well as a wide variety of soft drinks, all while taking in the beautiful sight of the Kingyo (goldfish).

Hours | Sun – Thursday 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM / Fri & Saturday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Food & Drink Area | 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM in the “Super Oiran” area only
Drinks allowed anywhere in the venue after 5:00 PM

* Beverage orders are optional. (Extra charges apply.) Outside food and/or beverages may not be brought into the venue.


We have concluded the exhibition in Kumamoto

ナイトアクアリウム イメージ

At 5:00 PM every night of its run,
The spectacular “NIGHT AQUARIUM”
will play host to one-night-only ‘SPECIAL NIGHTS’ featuring top DJs,
as well as DJ Nights every Saturday,
and the special ‘Kyushu DJ Summit in Kumamoto’ event



Starting at 5:00 PM every night of ART AQUARIUM’s run in Kumamoto,
the venue will transform into “NIGHT AQUARIUM”, a laid-back, sophisticated ‘LOUNGE STYLE’ space.
Here, visitors can enjoy a drink as they take in the “ART AQUARIUM” exhibits,
backed by ART AQUARIUM’s original soundtrack (except on Saturdays and ‘SPECIAL NIGHTS’).

The ‘SPECIAL NIGHTS’ will feature one-night-only performances from top DJs.
A new DJ will also perform every Saturday night, with sets showcasing the local Kumamoto DJ scene,
and noted DJs from each of Kyushu's prefectures taking part in an event entitled ‘Kyushu DJ Summit in Kumamoto’.
“NIGHT AQUARIUM” will be the scene of vibrant and spectacularly entertaining Kumamoto nights.

Drinks will be available at the venue’s ‘KINGYO BAR’.
Offerings will include ART AQUARIUM’s ‘Exclusive Kingyo cocktail’, as well as beer, soft drinks, and more.

* January 13th, 2020 (the national holiday Monday and final day of “ART AQUARIUM”) excepted.


* Please come understanding that though this can be viewed with the usual entrance fee, it is expected to be crowded.


  11  November
  12  December
  01, 2020  January


金魚カクテル Kingyo cocktail ‘JUMBO HOLLAND’, ‘EDO NISHIKI’ ‘RYUKIN’

At the ‘KINGYO BAR’ in the “Super Oiran” area,
visitors can enjoy a night of relaxation with beverages such as ART AQUARIUM’s Exclusive Kingyo cocktail,
the local Kumamoto sake ‘ZUIYO’, and a wide variety of soft drinks,
all while enjoying the beautiful sight of the Kingyo (goldfish).

Hours | Sun – Thursday 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM / Fri & Saturday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Food & Drink Area | 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM in the “Super Oiran” area only
Drinks allowed anywhere in the venue after 5:00 PM

** The venue, artworks, and entrance fee are the same for “ART AQUARIUM”.
* Same admission fee as daytime, no change of the entrance fee and no exchange of visitors inside.
* Bringing in your own food and drink is prohibited. Ordering drinks is an option. (additional price, there is sale of alcohol.)


We have concluded the exhibition in Kumamoto

Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting 30th Anniversary
Anniversary for Opening of Kumamoto-Jo Hall

~Kumamoto, Revival of Kingyo~ & NIGHT AQUARIUM

Period |  November 2 (sat), 2019 – January 13 (mon), 2020
* Closed on Tuesday, December 31st only
Opening Hours Mon – Thursday 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Last entrance 7:30 PM)
Friday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Last entrance 9:30 PM)
Saturday 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Last entrance 9:30 PM)
Sunday & Public holiday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Last entrance 7:30 PM)
* For the final day of Monday, January 13th only: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Last entrance 4:30 PM)

Holding time notice for New year holidays

12/31 (tue)  Closed
1/1 (wed) 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Last entrance 7:30 PM)
1/2 (thu)  10:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Last entrance 7:30 PM)
1/3 (fri)  10:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Last entrance 9:30 PM)
1/4 (sat)  10:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Last entrance 9:30 PM)
1/5 (sun) 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Last entrance 7:30 PM)

ART AQUARIUM 10:00 or 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM   NIGHT AQUARIUM is from 5:00 PM

* Taking picture of the artworks is allowed, but please refrain from using flash, tripod, monopod, selfie-stick,
and taking video.
* Because of the display method of the artworks, the venue is dark inside. Please note that a part of the exhibit is
difficult to access by wheelchair, so you may be unable to see the pieces up close.
* You can enjoy the following exhibition of “NIGHT AQUARIUM”, also enjoy drink inside the venue at additional cost.
* When changing to “NIGHT AQUARIUM”, there are no change of the entrance fee and no exchange of visitors
* An exhibition artwork and exhibition fish seed have a case to change without a notice.
* At the time of congestion, there will be access control. Thank you for your understanding.

Venue Kumamoto-Jo Hall, Event & Exhibition Hall
(3-40, Sakuramachi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-city, Kumamoto)
Entrance Fee
at the door
(Tax incld.)
General: 1,200 yen (16 years old and older)
Child: 800 yen (15 years old and younger)
Under the age of 3: free of charge

* Child, 12 years old and younger, needs to be accompanied by a guardian.
* Individuals with handicap credentials are eligible for ‘Early Bird Discount Ticket’ prices (100 yen discount).
Please show proper credentials (no copies) at the entrance.
Individuals who don't show credentials are subject to Regular Admission prices.

Produce Hidetomo KIMURA (ART AQUARIUM Artist)
Planning &
Produce &
ART AQUARIUM Executive Committee


We have concluded the exhibition in Kumamoto