Decided to be held in
11/2, 2019 (sat) – 1/13, 2020 (mon)

Tickets details will be announced
in the future


Details will be announced
in the future


“ART AQUARIUM” is coming to Kumamoto for the first time!

The theme of this winter’s Kumamoto exhibition is “Revival”

Boasting the largest area for an indoor exhibit in our history
with works that have never before been exhibited in Kyushu!

November 2 [SAT] – January 23, 2020 [MON]

Ceiling Kingyo

“Ceiling Kingyo”

Super Oiran

“Super Oiran”

“Revival” is the theme for the first “ART AQUARIUM” exhibition in Kumamoto.

The exhibition will be held at a scale never seen before in the ‘Kumamoto-Jo Hall’,
which boasts the largest area for an indoor exhibit in our history.

This is the second exhibition to be named “ART AQUARIUM CASTLE”
since the “ART AQUARIUM CASTLE ~Kyoto, the Dance of Kingyo~”
held at Kyoto's ‘Nijo-jo Castle’ in 2014, 2015 and 2017, and the first with that name to be held indoors.

The exhibition will include works that have never before been exhibited in Kyushu, including “Ceiling Kingyo”.
“Ceiling Kingyo” revives an Edo period (1603-1868) legend of a wealthy merchant
who built a glass tank into his ceiling to watch the goldfish from below.
The work took five years to design.
We hope to bring you a new vision of “ART AQUARIUM” unlike anything you have experienced before.

The information on the artworks will be released sequentially

About the “ART AQUARIUM 2019” exhibition

After many years of creating memories at ‘Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall’,
this will be the last year at the venue.
We have displayed many works of art and taken on many new challenges at ‘Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall’,
and we now approach the 9th exhibition to be held there.
One last time we ask all our past fans to come visit the venue as we put on the best “ART AQUARIUM” ever.

Although we had agreed with the mayor of Kumamoto to hold the exhibition at Kumamoto Castle,
the Kumamoto earthquake occurred immediately thereafter and we were not able to realize that plan.
Even as the wounds of that earthquake have yet to fully heal,
we want to do something to help with the rebuilding,
and so we are honored to be entrusted with a major part in the opening of ‘Kumamoto-Jo Hall’.
‘Kumamoto-Jo Hall’ will host the largest indoor exhibition area ever seen, “ART AQUARIUM”.
While taking that into consideration, and despite being an indoor exhibition,
we will take the name “ART AQUARIUM CASTLE” to express our best
wishes for the rebuilding of Kumamoto.
We will put on an event which lives up to that name,
so please take this opportunity to come visit Kumamoto.




ART AQUARIUM 2019 [Official Promotional Video]


You will be able to watch the exhibition while enjoying the drinks sold inside the venue

ナイトアクアリウム イメージ

“NIGHT AQUARIUM” will be held during the exhibition
period in the same venue!


Each evening, “NIGHT AQUARIUM” will provide a captivating environment for adults to relax and
appreciate the works on display while enjoying drinks. It will be held in the same venue.

The opening hours for “NIGHT AQUARIUM” and other details
will be announced in the future

* The venue and displayed artworks are the same as daytime.
* Same admission fee as daytime, no change of the entrance fee and no exchange of visitors inside.
* Bringing in your own food and drink is prohibited. Ordering drinks is an option. (additional price, there is sale of alcohol.)


Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting 30th Anniversary
Anniversary for Opening of Kumamoto-Jo Hall

ART AQUARIUM CASTLE ~Kumamoto, Revival of Kingyo~ & Night Aquarium

Period November 2 (fri), 2019 – January 13 (mon), 2020
* Closed on Tuesday, December 13th only
Opening Hours Mon – Thursday 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Last entrance 7:30 PM)
Friday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Last entrance 9:30 PM)
Saturday 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Last entrance 9:30 PM)
Sandays & Public holiday 11:00 AM – 11:30 PM (Last entrance 11:00 PM)
* For the final day of Monday, January 13th only: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Last entrance 4:30 PM)

* Taking picture of the artworks is allowed, but please refrain from using flash, tripod, monopod, selfie-stick,
and taking video.
* Because of the display method of the artworks, the venue is dark inside. Please note that a part of the exhibit is
difficult to access by wheelchair, so you may be unable to see the pieces up close.
* You can enjoy drink inside the venue at additional cost.
You can also enjoy the following exhibition of “NIGHT AQUARIUM”.
* When changing to “NIGHT AQUARIUM”, there are no change of the entrance fee and no exchange of visitors
“NIGHT AQUARIUM” is included in the exhibition times specified above. Details will be released soon.
Please wait until that time.

* After 10:00 PM, under 20 years old are not allowed.
* At the time of congestion, there will be access control. Thank you for your understanding.

Venue Kumamoto-Jo Hall
(3-40, Sakuramachi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-city, Kumamoto)
Entrance Fee
at the door
(Tax incld.)
General: 1,200yen (16 years old and older)
Child: 800yen (15 years old and younger)
Under the age of 3: free of charge
* Child, 12 years old and younger, needs to be accompanied by a guardian.
Produce Hidetomo KIMURA (Art Aquarium Artist)
Planning &
Produce &
ART AQUARIUM Executive Committee


Entrance Fee General Ticket Early Bird Discount Ticket
(16 years old and older)
1,200yen 1,100yen
(15 years old and younger)
800yen 700yen

Tickets purchased through eplus logo(eplus) will be subject to an additional 10% handling fee.

‘Early Bird Discount Ticket’ will be sold from 10/1/2018 (tue) until 11:59 PM on 11/1 (fri).
This ticket is valid from 11/2 (sat) until 1/13 (mon), 2020.

We will begin same-day ‘Admission Ticket’ sales from 11/2 (sat).

* Children under three get in free. children younger than 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
Until the final day of the event, you can enter the venue after buying tickets at the venue ticket sales counters or other locations.
* All the tickets are non-refundable.
* At the time of congestion, there will be entry control and we kindly ask you to wait in the waiting line for entry.
Thank you for your understanding.
* Tax included.

We plan to sell several kinds of admission tickets,
beginning with discounted ‘Early Bird Discount Ticket’.
Details will be announced in the future